“Ripen at home”

I have been trying to write this blog for over a week now, and I have started then forgot what I was writing about mid sentence several times and at first that really irritated me so I took a nap. Then when I woke all the things that normally even with MS come naturally have got hard, my memory is shot to pieces and the heat is causing untold fatigue. Everything is confusing me.

60% humidity and it’s official I’m a puddle!

I have always had a canny knack of being able to see the funny side of things which has served me well since my diagnosis so typing this whilst being the latest Marvel Avenger “The Human Shower” is as hilarious as it gross.

When I get too hot, everything goes berserk…….. I was just about to say something so profound it would probably have gone viral in a meme or something but because of brain fog I have forgotten so instead the only thing that comes to my mind is FRUIT.

During times of heavy fatigue it feels like I walk at a turtles speed through wet cement so eating clean healthy food seems to be my way of working through it, the less energy I use digesting food the more energy I have for everything else.

So why when I go to a supermarket is it nearly impossible to buy any fruit to eat NOW?

When did “ripen at home” become the only way to sell fruit? who buys their fruit 3 weeks in advance? And do we really get enough sun to ripen anything at home? I would argue that it never even ripens properly at home, more often than not it has passed its best before even being ripe.

If I wanted to buy a cricket ball posing as a plum I would go to a sport shop and play make believe! Instead I’m left paying a premium because the shop is selling “perfectly ripe” or “ready to eat” fruit as well as the “ripen at home” stuff.

Maybe I have a different view on whats “perfectly ripe” or “ready to eat” I tried to buy a nectarine on Friday one of those “perfectly ripe” ones and what I found could have been put in a sock and used as a weapon, I had to get a second opinion on whether it was a nectarine or in fact a snooker ball?

The second opinion came from the obviously highly trained personnel and he did in fact confirm after 2 mins of head scratching and some strange baffled like noises it was a fruit and not a snooker ball.

Anyway so I thought the internet would have the answer for ripening “ripen at home” fruit so I googled it and what a can of worms that is one article claims if you cover your fruit in rice it will ripen quicker so now with every dozen “ripen at home” pears I buy I need to buy 5KG of rice as well just so I MIGHT be able to eat it within a year, Pears just got expensive.

Another link to a you tube video claims putting nectarines in a paper bag speeds up the ripening process and it might well do but should I really have to buy paper bags each week just for my fruit? Maybe I should make a “ripen at home” bag for life?  Was that a lightbulb moment? This time next year rodders……..

My personal favourite though is ripen “ripen at home” fruit in the microwave!!

In the microwave It only needs a 15 second blast on a medium heat in that magic paper bag only this time with a couple of RIPE apples or bananas in the bag as well and this is where it falls down I need to use ripe fruit which I can’t find to ripen fruit?

1st world problems eh?

After all this I don’t really want a nectarine anymore in fact I’m going for some Pad Thai.












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