Me Vs EEG machine = Medical marvel

I had a new blog entry all ready to go about how I fell off the vegan wagon and gorged on meat for 24 hrs but then I went for the non-invasive electroencephalogram (EEG) and I felt this would have to come first as I am secretly still gorging.

The EEG procedure is usually carried out by a highly trained specialist called a clinical neurophysiologist.

An electroencephalogram EEG is a recording of brain activity.

I went into this clinical room thinking it would be a quick 20 mins stimulus type of thing, I really should’ve read the letter they sent out properly instead of just the date, time and place.  So It was a shock when the highly trained specialist dropped the “this will take up to 2hrs” bombshell.

Before the test began I was attached to small sensors which were attached to my head with a glue paste and some exfoliating cream to pick up the electrical signals produced when my brain cells send messages to each other, I also had sensors attached to my ear lobes, legs and arms yet thinking out loud I said “Am I the first person to have exfoliated ear lobes? Only a chuckle replied.

These signals are then recorded by a machine and checked by a doctor at a later date, mainly just to confirm what we and by we, I mean I, already suspect, I am a Medical Marvel.

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a before photo of me having my hair braided, it’s not, that’s tomorrow.

The first test had me sat upright watching a tv of psychedelic check patterns while trying to focus on a red cross in the centre of the screen I felt like I’d been conned and was in a mind control experiment perhaps I’d leave thinking I was a penguin? Yet after only about 30 seconds I started feeling sleepy my head started dropping, 3 times we had to start again, oops! My bad?

Next up I got fitted out with the NHS version of Dr Dre beats headphones only these didn’t work the same. In one ear was just white noise and in the other just came a clicking sound. This test was simple the clinical neurophysiologist said “this ones easy you can sleep”. Brilliant I’m now wired up and exfoliated which by the way with having a head of hair exfoliation is not a beauty treatment I’ll be having again any time soon. Now with my head and ear lobes put into this vice like headphone contraption thing and played tortuous sounds was deemed one of better tests because I was allowed to sleep? It would’ve been easier to get some sleep next to a car alarm!

Now I’m an hour into this non invasive procedure only a possible hour to go. I’m not a penguin yet?

No need for a break, straight into the final tests and these are the weird ones the ones where they stimulate the muscles so they twitch uncontrollably and then read the signal path to the brain. Seeing my arms and legs twitch and have ncontrol I find a little unnerving to say the least and a little painful. Both arms and legs were tested which took the final time of testing up to 1 hour and 47 mins a full 13 mins under the estimated 2 hour time. I told you I was a Medical Marvel. 

This test is classed as non-invasive I’m not so sure I agree or at the very least I would consider this borderline invasive, it certainly isn’t nice!

The EEG procedure is a relatively painless and generally very safe. At no point during the procedure is electricity put into your body, so apart from feeling a bit tired which for me is an understatement I slept for the rest of week and having exfoliating cream in my hair and ears you shouldn’t really suffer any adverse affects.

However, that said I did feel a little light headed and my fingers and toes tingled for a bit, but I wasn’t a penguin!

Now the wait for the results soon I should get my official certificate confirming my Medical marvel status.

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