Spring relapse

The last six or seven weeks have been a bit of a blur what with all the excitement over the launch of The Greedy Fox and with at least 2 health appointments a week, I know 2 appointments a week that’s how I live my rock “n” roll life, throw a poorly kid into the mix as well and I really have been living life in the fast lane, you could say I have been living 100 mph? Now though I’ve crashed right into the proverbial brick wall, but should I have seen the signs? Anyway what are the signs? Are there any?

I bleat on about knowing my MS and what makes me feel better yet when I follow my self-imposed rules of living and I still get ill it can be a frustrating time. A time I spend thinking and gurning trying to dissect the days/weeks leading up to the flare up to try to work out if it was at all preventable? This self searching never brings about any real conclusive results in fact if anything it creates more questions than it answers especially at times like now when this flare up has come like a bolt out of the blue.

So what happened this time?    

To the best of my limited knowledge on my MS I have been doing everything right, I have only been eating whole foods, my alcohol intake has been seriously limited with the exception of the occasional Elvis juice from Brewdog. I think my stress levels are ok? Well I don’t feel stressed out? Unless the kids are off school ill or until they get home from school or until they wake up!  My sleep pattern is much the same as always, I have to force 5 hrs 6 hours a night if I’m lucky, sometimes in shifts if needs be, if that wasn’t true it would be funny.

Maybe without realising it I have over done it I’m not sure how though? I did have a late night the other week, I told you I was rock “n” roll so maybe now I’m paying the price a delayed hangover of sorts? Or maybe it’s the changing of the seasons and air pressure, I am a human barometer now you know! Or maybe just maybe there is no rhyme or reason it is just time for a relapse?

The symptoms feel the same, heavy legs, waking up tired, blurred vision and a feeling of general emptiness topped off with a confusing brain fog. I can experience these symptoms on a daily basis the only difference being that on a daily basis they usually come on their own so I have learned to manage them at best, but at worst I can just about cope, yet when they come all together they can ruin me and this last week they really have.

During these relapses it is like I’m stuck in quick sand if I stand still I won’t sink I’ll be ok yet the moment I move I start sinking so is it worth moving? Honestly speaking I have to keep moving maybe that’s the stubbornness in me or maybe that’s just my default coping strategy? Does it work? Only sometimes, maybe only in my head!

Although this is turning out to be a very uneventful relapse I am starting to realise that relapses come in all shapes and sizes and also they can be left behind after something as trivial as the common cold.

Ah that’s it I think I’ve cracked it could hay fever have brought this relapse on?  Taken down by pollen now there’s a first!

The Greedy Fox.

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